Course Schedual
Mon6-7 △IT Application Sat6-8 ○Seminor
Tue3 △MIS Fall5-7 ○IT Consulting
Tue6 ○CRM Fall1-4 △New Domain Dev
Wed6 △Patent GW Fall2-4 △Biz
Wed7 ○ICT Venture * Financial Accnt
Thr7 ○Strategy Control * Management Accnt
Fri1 ○AdvTech Strategy * Strategy
Fri2 ◎Finance * HRM
Fri3 △Knowledge Management * Marketing
Fri4 △B2B Marketing * ICT Venture
Fri5 ◎Entrepreneurship * Annual Stat
Fri6 △Biz Model in IT Era * Micro Economics
Sat1 △ICT Venture GW * XBRL
Sat2 ○Macro Economics
Sat3 △Knowledge Asset
Sat4 △IT Venture
Sat5 △POM


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