Management Economy And Society By Sugihara Shigeru

開講年度 2009年度
科目名 経営と経済・社会
学期曜日時限 秋期 01:土4時限
担当教員 杉原 茂
開講箇所 大学院商学研究科 配当年次 1年以上
科目区分 単位数 2
使用教室 01:11-1101(指導室) キャンパス 早稲田
科目キー 3500022901 科目クラスコード 03
最終更新日時:2009/04/13 09:27
講義概要  Every day, we hear and read about economic growth, inflation or deflation, unemployment, and fiscal and monetary policies. These are called macroeconomic phenomena because they are related to an economy as a whole. Although they are apparently abstract concepts, these events inexorably affect ordinary people as well as businessmen.
  Therefore, it is essential to know basic mechanisms of macroeconomics. Questions we would like to tackle are as follows. Why does an economy grow or stagnate in the short-run and in the long-run? Why do prices go up or down and how harmful is deflation? Why is unemployment rate so high and why do wages go down? What do fiscal and monetary polices do?
  This course is intended to help you to think about these questions taking into account institutional aspects such as so-called Japanese economic system.
(授業計画) 1.The Japanese Economy after the 1990s: An Introduction
2.National Income and the Classical Macroeconomics
3.Money and Inflation I: The Quantity Theory of Money and the Fisher Equation
4.Money and Inflation II: The Nominal Interest Rate and the Demand for money
5.Economic Growth I: Basic Model
6.Economic Growth II: The Golden Rule
7.Economic Growth II: Technological Progress
8.Review and Mid-term Examination
9.Aggregate Demand I: The IS-LM Model
10.Aggregate Demand II: Economic Fluctuations and Economic Policies
11.Unemployment and the Phillips Curve
12.Shocks and Economic Policies during the 1990s I: The Burst of the Bubble and Impacts on the Economy
13.Shocks and Economic Policies during the 1990s II: Financial Accelerators
14.Shocks and Economic Policies during the 1990s III: The Liquidity Trap and Monetary Policy
15.Review and Final Examination
教科書  No specific book is designated as a textbook. However, I will strongly recommend Mankiw’s book which is listed in the following section.
参考文献 Mankiw, N. Gregory, Macroeconomics, sixth edition, Worth Publishers, 2007.
成績評価方法 Mid-term Examination 30%
Final Examination 70%
備考 International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook, various issues. Available at
International Monetary Fund, Japan: Article IV Consultation—Staff Report; Staff Statement; Staff Statement; and Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion, various issues. Available at
Bank for International Settlements, Annual Report, various issues. Available at
Reading speeches made by the chairman and governors of the Federal Reserve System of the United States is a good way to learn how policymakers apply economic theories to current economic problems and find practical solutions. Available at, etc.

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